Building Bridges: Science, Opportunities and Development

June 28, 2024

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At The Transatlantic Big Science Conference (TTBSC) 2024, the Director of WASCAL Cabo Verde School took part as a panellist in the session entitled "Energy, Earth Systems, Oceans and Climate Change" and in the round table entitled "Capacity Building in Science in the Global South."

On both occasions, were emphasized messages advocating for a fair and equitable approach to scientific research in addressing global challenges.

- Funding for research in the so-called "Global South" should not be understood as aid to nations in Africa, South America, or other latitudes. Rather, it is a fair and necessary contribution to managing common resources such as the atmosphere and the ocean, which are unique and borderless in the face of global challenges such as climate change. A significant percentage of the financial resources available in the Western North come from the exploitation of natural resources and human power in the Global South. It is therefore only right that these financial resources be made available to ensure the science-based management of the same natural resources that subsidies the creation of such financial resources.

- Fostering the development of scientific capacity in the Global South must go beyond education and training and include the creation of job opportunities in science. Within the framework of partnership research programmes and projects, funds must be made available to recruit scientists locally. Another way would be through co-tutorial post-docs between local institutions and partner institutions in countries with greater scientific development, which would add the opportunity for mobility between different scientific realities, thus sharing experiences.

- Faced with global challenges, such as climate change, pollution and loss of biodiversity, the ocean, atmosphere and ecosystems need to be known globally. This will only be possible with the scientific contribution of the Global South. To do this, scientists from the Global South only need the same opportunities that exist in the Western North.

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