WASCAL Cabo Verde Fourth Batch Student Investigates Mangrove Restoration in Côte d'Ivoire

July 1, 2024

Photo by: Clovis Maforikan

In the search for nature-based solutions for successful mangrove ecosystem restoration operations using plantations, our student from the Fourth Batch, Mr. Khévine Robaverge Mahougnon Djogli and his peers have undertaken a study exploring the importance of mangroves in tropical coastal areas, with a particular focus on restoration efforts in Côte d'Ivoire.

This study highlights the critical factors, such as substrate type and salinity levels, that influence the emergence and early growth of Rhizophora racemosa propagules.
The results offer essential insights for the development of effective conservation strategies and improved management of mangrove nurseries.
This work highlights the ecological importance of mangroves, restoration methods and associated challenges, as well as the impact of substrate and salinity on mangrove growth. Recommendations for improved restoration strategies were also proposed.

The full article can be accessed here: