Ocean Observation and Prediction for Coastal Sustainability in Africa, the Geo Blue Planet Workshop

March 5, 2024

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Our Director of the Master's Programme on Climate Change and Marine Sciences, Prof. Dr. Corrine Almeida, is taking part in the “Ocean Observation and Prediction for Coastal Sustainability in Africa” Geo Blue Planet Workshop held at the United Nations Office in Nairobi (UNON), Kenya, from 4 to 7 of March, 2024.

The workshop was designed to explore the role of ocean observation and prediction in addressing stakeholders needs aligned with the AU blue strategy, the UN Ocean Decade roadmap and in particular the formulation of international frameworks around four thematic areas (Shoreline and bathymetry changes, Coastal flooding and inundation, Coastal ecosystem mapping and Coastal waters quality).

In her speech today, March 5th, 2024 during the third plenary session on Ocean Observations for Decision-making, Prof. Almeida delivered a presentation. Her talk, titled “The Role of the Ocean in Climate, with a Focus on African Seas”. She emphasized the dual faces of the ocean system in the context of climate change, highlighting its threat that impacts coastal and marine ecosystems, leading to the disruption of ecosystem services. On the other hand, specific processes within African coastal and marine ecosystems that contribute to climate change mitigation were addressed.

The concluding remarks placed particular emphasis on ensuring fair income sharing derived from the utilization of resources. The presentation underscored the imperative for simultaneous capacity building, aligning with the reinforcement of research and governance institutions, to effectively address the challenges posed by climate change on the continent.